Powerful Medicine

I am grateful that my friend Kevin introduced me to the music of Copeland and their Beneath Medicine Tree album sometime in the year 2004.  Just about every time I hear a song from this album I want to tell people how much I like it.

In this iPod generation many of us have multiple gigs of music ready at our fingertips and yet sometimes it’s still hard to find a song we want to hear.  During those lulls I shuffle through song intros hoping to find a song that tickles my fancy.  My quest for “the great song” often ends with one of these Copeland songs.

The true story told throughout Beneath Medicine Tree establishes the albums greatness.  Album in a nutshell:  boy meets girl, girl gets sick, boy stays with girl at hospital until girl dies.  Boy writes cd about it.

The guy sticks with her through good times and bad.  He takes her on walks through downtown where they try to forget the tragedy taking place around them.  He pulls back the hospital drapes so she can watch the sunset.  He portrays a sacrificial kind of love so often neglected in our world.

So much of the music getting attention in our world focuses on shallow relationships, money, rims, etc.  This cd goes deeper with heart.  Did I mention the sound/production is great?

My favorite tracks on this album are Testing The Strong Ones, Take Care, Walking Downtown, Coffee and When Finally Set Free.