I 86ed by '86 Mustang

February 6th, 2003 was a big day in my life.  On that day I started my first day of work at the church I currently serve in.  (I just celebrated five years of serving at that church, LIFE.)  I secured an internship under worship leader Tommy Walker that same day.  It was also the day I wrecked my car.

I totaled my car by swerving into another car on a freeway onramp in Pasadena California.  That accident jeopardized my plans of driving to the new church and preparing for my first meeting/rehearsal with a new band.  Thankfully my brother rescued me and drove me to our family’s car lot (my dad’s office).  I arrived at the rehearsal a little that night...not a great way to start a new job.

I got a new car that day; at least it was new to me.  My dad gave me a car he recently purchased: a 1986 Ford Mustang our family named “Silver”.  Silver and I spent five years together.  We have been through a lot together.  Now we are through.

Maintaining an older car is an ongoing process.  Things fall apart.  The lure of a newer car called out to me with increasing strength.  So now I pilot a 1990 Acura Legend; it’s four years newer.  The automatic transmission makes eating behind wheel a breeze.

I miss some things about the stang.  The car looked pretty cool and accelerated quickly.  On the downside it leaked a lot of oil on my friends streets.  (I learned not to park it on driveways.)

I still dream of driving a newer car like a Subaru WRX, a Scion XB or a smartcar but I am learning to be content.  After all, it’s just a car and there are more important things in life than cars.