iGood to iGreat

OK, if you know me then you know that I enjoy my iPhone.  I dig how it syncs my calendar/contacts from my phone, web and laptop together.  If I update a friends phone number in one device all my devices wirelessly get the new information......beautiful!

Apple’s done a lot to improve the thing too.  Now I can use it as a lightsaber, guitar tuner and more.  But they’ve missed one big potential improvement: ToDo lists.

I am a fan of using ToDo lists in Apple’s iCal program.  But I can’t view any of that data on my phone.  I want to but I can not.

Yes there are some silly ToDo programs made by third party developers.  Those programs do not sync with my iCal data.  They do not allow me print out lists and edit them on the web, laptop, etc.

Please Steve Jobs help me.  Or, if you know Steve could you pass this on?  The squeaky wheel gets the grease so here I go.......SQUEAK!