2008's Top Albums

 1.  Jon Foreman “Spring - EP”
Switchfoot lead singer Jon Foreman branched out to release solo EPs based on the seasons.  From the first listen “Spring” placed a smile on my face.  The inspirational song “Baptize My Mind” sounds like......well....springtime.  Foreman’s melodic paraphrase of The Lord’s Prayer (“Your Love is Strong”) struck me powerfully.  (I played the song 53 times during 2008.)

2.  Brooke Fraser “Albertine”
Brooke caught my attention when I heard “Hosanna” from a couple worship CDs.  She peaked my interest after I read of her rapid success in her native New Zealand.  “Albertine” impressed me with it’s fresh sound.  The undeniable conviction in her lyrics leaves me wanting more.  I even sponsored a child through World Vision after reading her story.

3.  Coldplay “Viva La Vida”
I had lost my excitement for Coldplay.  I joined their bandwagon early when I heard “Yellow” and “Shiver” on KROQ years ago.  But by the “X&Y” album I grew tired of their routine formula.  Then came legendary producer Brian Eno.  Together they created something visionary.  The depth of sonic layers in this album will envelop me for years to come.  The thick ear-candy and haunting “post-songs” infuse new life in the pop/rock genre.

4.  Copeland “You Are My Sunshine”
These guys have my loyalty.  Their bold melody lines linger in my mind days after a listen.  “You Are My Sunshine” ensures their maturation with well produced adventures and satisfying minimalist tunes like “The Suitcase Song”.  Thick vocoder use and a Billie-Holiday-esque background vocalist top off the albums gratification.

5.  Lovedrug “The Suckerpunch Show”
Lovedrug’s new CD takes Christian music places I did not think possible.  The no-holds-barred song “Everyone Needs a Halo” ruffles feathers in new ways.  And “Blood Like” exhibits delightful authenticity.  If you want something to talk about just pick this CD up.