Pass The Burrito

Living in Southern California has perks. The beach, mountains and desert are all a short drive away (provided it is not rush hour). The regions large population provides many opportunities for entertainment, employment and life in general.

Great mexican food restaurants demonstrate a more unsung virtue of Southern California life. And the city in which I work, Chino, contains three of California's best Mexican restaurants.

First there's Que Pasa (or Que Heck Yeah as I call it) located by Harkins Theater. This restaurant has the ideal blend of authentic Mexican flavor with American tastes. Their fresh tortillas out-taste all others and their meat marinades define delicious. Top that with $4.99 lunch deals and how can you go wrong? I even split the hearty portions up into two meals.  It's no wonder the employees know me.

If you want a Mexican restaurant with a more authentic taste give El Rey's, near Riverside Dr. and Ramona a shot. It might not look like much from the outside but that adds to the realism. El Rey's is authentic Mexican food meets California health standards.  They had me when I saw their meat spindle just like the taco stands in TJ.  The cheese reminds me of meals south of the border.

Lastly if you prefer a nice sit-down atmosphere with great taste then Los Portales has you covered. With great service and $7.25 lunch deals this place ensures a good time.  The carne asada quesadilla with a cherry coke hits the spot too.

Chino California deserves notoriety for more than it's cow population.  Chino also hosts extremely tasteful Mexican restaurants.  Quite possibly the best burrito of your life may be eaten in Chino California.