Favorite Ingredients

Like many of us I am fond of music.  I enjoy explaining my appreciation for certain songs.

Then I found a website called Pandora that, after entering your favorite artists, finds common threads that roughly define your personal music preferences.

My music preferences include:

  • subtle vocal harmonies
  • mild rhythmic syncopation
  • electric rock instrumentation
  • vocal-centric aesthetic
  • electric rhythm guitars
  • subtle use of acoustic piano
  • acoustic sonority
  • acoustic rhythm guitars
  • upbeat lyrics
  • mixed acoustic and electric instrumentation
  • punk influences
  • acoustic rhythm piano
  • major key tonality
  • funk roots
  • disco influences
  • flat out funky grooves
  • groove based composition
  • repetitive melodic phrasing
  • basic rock song structures
  • minor key tonality
  • prominent organ
  • extensive vamping
  • electric guitar riffs
  • classic soul qualities
  • demanding vocal performances
  • demanding instrumental part writing
  • folk influences

That’s a lot of ingredients in the cookbook.  If I had to nail it down to a few I’d prioritize:  electric rock instrumentation, upbeat lyrics, and funky grooves.