Call Me Crazy

In his book “Crazy Love” Francis Chan argues that craziness is a virtue.  God shows His love for us in crazy ways.  (The creator of the universe bottles our tears, sent His son to die for us, etc.)  Now why not love God back in a crazy way?

He defines crazy people as obsessed.  (Preoccupied with a single emotion or topic.)  Chan then lists the characteristics of someone obsessed with loving God:

Lovers - Obsessed people give freely and openly.  They love their enemies and those who can never love back.

Risk takers - Obsessed people care more for God’s kingdom than their own safety and comfort.

Friends of All - Obsessed people connect with the poor in some way.

Crazy Ones - Obsessed people care more for obeying God than fulfilling the status quo.

Humble - Obsessed people seek to make themselves less known and Christ more known.

Servers - Obsessed people enjoy serving people.

Givers - Obsessed people are known as givers, not takers.

Sojourners - Obsessed people think about heaven frequently.  They are concerned with eternity more than the present.

Engrossed - Obsessed people love God above everything else.

Unguarded - Obsessed people are raw with God.  They mask nothing with Him; He is their safe place.

Rooted - Obsessed people read the Bible throughout each day to strengthen their relationship with God.

Dedicated - Obsessed people care more about their character than comfort.

Sacrificers - Obsessed people want to be faithful to their Savior out of thankfulness.  They aren’t trying to earn forgiveness.

My obsession to honor God is growing.  I aspire to live out these attitudes.  That’s why I’m blogging them.  Though I may pass the book on to others this list remains posted here.

The world will likely believe us crazy if we live this way, but who cares?  Call me crazy.

A Better Fit Routine

The Wii Fit already rocks.  It introduced me to full workouts based on stretches and machine-less exercise.  It counts push-ups, crunches and monitors BMI over time.  Even physical therapists recommend Wii Fit time for recuperating patients. enhances the Wii Fit even more. provides workout routines for the Fit.  Their workouts focus on endurance, strength, weight loss or yoga for durations of 15 - 60 minutes.  You can select routines with difficulty ranging from easy to hard.

The website also generates personal workouts for different muscle groups including abs, arms, back, chest and legs.

I started with a 30 minute hard strength routine tonight and felt the burn in my abs. is a great way to raise the bar even higher with the Wii Fit.

Ode To Dave

Clear common sense thrills me.  Dave Ramsey thrills me.  The guy deserves that title “financial guru”.

What does Dave teach?  Ditch credit card dependence.  (Go green and use cash.)

His motto “live like no one else... so later you can live no one else” brings a smile to my face.

Here are Dave’s seven financial steps to financial peace:

  1. Build emergency fund to $1000
  2. Pay off debt (minus mortgage) smallest to biggest
  3. Build emergency fund to 6 months worth of income
  4. Invest 15% of income into Roth IRAs
  5. College funding for children
  6. Pay off home early
  7. Build wealth and give

More great advice at

I’m working on step four now and dig his plan.  His books are worth checking in to.