A Better Fit Routine

The Wii Fit already rocks.  It introduced me to full workouts based on stretches and machine-less exercise.  It counts push-ups, crunches and monitors BMI over time.  Even physical therapists recommend Wii Fit time for recuperating patients.

Wiifitroutine.com enhances the Wii Fit even more.  Wiifitroutine.com provides workout routines for the Fit.  Their workouts focus on endurance, strength, weight loss or yoga for durations of 15 - 60 minutes.  You can select routines with difficulty ranging from easy to hard.

The website also generates personal workouts for different muscle groups including abs, arms, back, chest and legs.

I started with a 30 minute hard strength routine tonight and felt the burn in my abs.  Wiifitroutine.com is a great way to raise the bar even higher with the Wii Fit.