International Friendship

    One of the more exciting things that happened to me recently was a new friend I made named Sun Lee.  He posted on Craigslist that he played bass and was looking for a ride to church from Rancho Cucamonga.  He was an exchange student from Korea learning English.
    I started giving him a ride to LIFE about a month ago.  Then I found out that he needed a place to stay.  I offered him a room at my parent’s house during the weekends.  Then we went on a vacation to Las Vegas together.  He wanted to see the town and was going to go by himself.  I went with him so he didn’t have to face that town alone and I'm constantly looking for people to go on vacation with.
    My mom was hesitant about letting him stay continually at our home.  I asked her to consider it while we were away and when we returned she welcomed his stay.  He was going to stay for another month.  Sadly we found out that Sun’s plane ticket was not exchangeable and that he had to return to Korea this past Saturday.
    It was fun to be able to hang with Sun and show him life here in Southern California.  It brought back the feeling of having a brother at home to spend time with.  We played Wii sports late at night and had some conversations about life.  I hope I get to spend more time with him during the years to come.  He wants me to come to Korea and I’m thinking about it.
    He even recommended teaching English in Seoul as a great career idea.  He said English teachers get paid well and the work doesn’t seem difficult.  That would be an interesting career move and one I’d be more interested in if I didn’t enjoy working at LIFE and recording here in LA on the side.