Read The Manual ... A lot

Eight years ago a friend told me about an interesting Bible study method. Essentially it involves reading one book of the Bible 30 times repeatedly. After about 30 readings of any given book the meaning resonates more clearly.

That recommendation seemed extreme to me at the time. I had barely achieved the goal of reading the Bible daily.  But the concept never left my mind and now after trying it out I recommend it. Reading a Bible's book 30 times in a row is a great way to implant the Bible into our minds.

Repetition brings remembrance. When you read a book 30 times in a row you are going to remember it.  Period. I chose to read James repeatedly.  In my conversations with friends I can not help but relate what I'm learning about.  The repetition impressed James' thoughts deep into my mind.

Reading a book repeatedly also helps emphasize verses the reader may neglect in one reading .  In James 3 it took a couple reads to understand how destructive selfish ambition and jealousy are. I had focused so much attention on the first part of that chapter, on taming the tongue, and rushed passed those later verses.

Different translations also enhance the study.  Absorbing different interpretations of the same passage sheds light on the author's thoughts.  Reading with a variety of translations allows a broader understanding of the book.

Studying the Bible is a great way to improve our quality of life.  Like reading an instruction manual we are more apt to maximize the use of our bodies after familiarizing ourselves with the Creator's recommendations.  Studying the Bible in depth by reading it's books 30 times in a row brings a greater understanding of life's instruction manual.