Between Wyomings by Ken Mansfield

In his book Between Wyomings author Ken Mansfield shares how he learned to value complete trust in God.  The rise, fall and resurgence of his music industry career throughout the 1960s to the 2000s schooled Mansfield.

He went from promoting the Beatles for Capitol Records to near homelessness in Nashville over a period of twenty years.  Then Mansfield fought his way back into the industry.  Mansfield narrates these stories as he and his wife road trip across the United States visiting places he lived.

As someone currently involved in the music industry I appreciate Mansfield’s recollections.  He talks openly of the politics that take place in the higher echelons of the music industry’s corporate ladder.  Mansfield highlights how he dealt with troublesome circumstances and people in the industry and survived.

For those of us who want to learn from the mistakes of others rather than the hard way Mansfield opens up his 40 years of rich experience for the taking.  His disclosure of hurts and hopes remind me that I am not alone in an industry known for alienating people.