Come Around Sundown by Kings of Leon

The rock group Kings of Leon recently released the follow up CD to their highly successful album “Only By The Night”.  This new CD, “Come Around Sundown” depicts them more as a  beach-rock jam-band than the arena-rock alternative group they portrayed last time.

Many of the arrangements are scaled back from the band’s previous offering.  My favorite song, “Pyro”, is the song that feels most like it belongs on their last cd.  “Pyro” features a driving drumbeat with sparse instrumentation leaving room for lead vocalist Anthony Followill to squall “I don’t want to be your cornerstone.”  Other winners on this new cd include the good-time focused “Birthday”, and the chilled out “Beach Side”.

This CD isn’t as mind boggling as “Only By The Night”.  Still there are catchy melodies and refreshing sonic landscapes.  For those who enjoyed their last cd “Come Around Sundown” is definitely worth multiple listens.