With by Skye Jethani

In his book "With" Skye Jethani helps readers reimagine the way we relate to God.  He starts by describing inadequate postures often taken towards God. Some see God as a rule-giver to please while others subject Him to universal rules. Some view God as existing to fulfill their desires and others see him as a mission to strive for.

But Skye Jethani believes in a better way to relate to God: just be with Him.  Instead of striving for or expecting things from God Jethani wants us to treasure God, unite with Him and experience Him.

The best part of this book is Jethani’s challenge to treasure God more.  He likens treasuring God to how a 17 year-old might treasure a dream car.  Treasuring can lead to owning that new Subaru.  Owning can lead to experiencing that new Subaru.

With challenged me to treasure, own and experience God in a similar way.  I want to value God more.  I find it easy to under-appreciate God.  Jethani shed light on ways I inadequately connect with God and provided tools to improve our relationship.  The books appendix provides questions to ask at the day’s end in journaling.

It’s wonderful to be reminded that God wants to be with us.  I recommend this book to people who want to explore their connection to God.

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