Bern & Murten - Switzerland Highlights - Day 12

On our last day in Switzerland we woke up in Bern.  Then we did a walking tour of the town with my mom.  One highlight of the tour is Bern’s famous clock tower (build in 1530) that springs to life before the top of each hour,  A jester rings bells by pulling a string,  Father time has an hourglass he flips over.  A figure at the top of the tower that rings a bell.  I’m sure 500 years ago this was a riot of entertainment.

Then we hopped on a train to the nearby lakeside town of Murten.  Murten is a small town that is well maintianed.  The walls around the town are in good shape.  We ate lunch here in Murten and got a feel for the town.  I enjoyed the flowers under the windows, the tall pointy spires on towers and the large awnings.

Then we got back on the train and returned to Bern to pick up our bags from the hostel.  We boarded a train heading to the Basel airport.  The Basel airport sits of the border of Switzerland, Germany and France.  From there we flew over to Paris.  We only booked two nights in Paris.  We got there late for our first night, probably around 11pm.